Veggies and Fruit from the garden, Eggs, Lamb, Dairy Products

Welcome to our farm. 

  In the middle of the majestic coast range and just minutes from the Great Bear Rain Forest, we enjoy a long and productive growing season with about 30 inches of rain per year.

Our diversified farm includes chickens, Corriedale and CVM sheep, and milk and meat goats.  We usually have pigs.  We have two fine jersey cows for milk and cheese.  We strive toward self-sufficiency by selling fruits, vegetables, herbs, wool products, eggs, and lamb. 

Our "beyond organic" growing practices use no fertilizers other than our own livestock manure.  All pest control methods are natural, and all we do to keep the weeds down is good old-fashioned hand weeding. We feed our animals organically including using our own hay.

Our grazing animals and chickens are pastured using management intensive grazing practices.  Someday soon, we'll be decreasing our reliance on fossil fuels with alternative energy.  We currently use draft horses for our traction needs along with a couple of vintage tractors. 

We hope you'll enjoy our website, and that you'll check back often as we continue to expand it. 

Greg & Alison Sayers and sons
Firvale, British Columbia, Canada